Our Story

What is Original Review all about?

"Word of Mouth" was, and still is, the best form of advertising. After 30 years operating and owning restaurants in Nassau, Bahamas, Frederick Lightbourn knew this age-old adage to be true. He knew that his customers loved his restaurant and could provide him valuable insight and word of mouth referrals; he just needed to find a way to capture their opinions and put them to work.

Restaurant customers would come and go, often complimenting the food and the service on their way out.  For Frederick, that was not enough; he wanted to capture the customer experience more reliably and more permanently.  There were online review sites, but none guaranteed the accuracy and volume of reviews that would provide him with the feedback and "word of mouth" he desired.  In 2010, as Frederick stood watching happy customers walk in and out of his restaurant, "the Poop Deck", he knew there had to be a better way to capture the satisfaction these customers were feeling and put it to work.

The idea for Original Review may have been conceived in the Bahamas, but it was born and bred in Plano, Texas. When Deb Seiple, a business consultant with a passion for technology, heard Frederick's idea for in-restaurant reviews for restaurant owners as well as customers, she knew he was onto something. Deb put together the team, the funding, and the business plan to make Original Review a reality.

Today, Original Review stands alone as the only in-restaurant review technology to provide real-time service and operational feedback.

Original Review's story is just beginning. We hope that you will be part of our success!


The Original Review team includes experienced veterans from the restaurant and technology industry, as well as corporate and entrepreneurial ventures.

Leadership Team

Deb Seiple - CEO and Co-Founder.

Management consultant for large brands, including PepsiCo, with more than 30 years of management and corporate growth experience as well as CIO for technology start-ups

Frederick Lightbourn - Co-Founder and Restauranter.

Professional restaurateur with more than 30 years of experience running and managing restaurants

Scott McDaniel - CSO, Chief Sales Officer.

Experienced sales and marketing executive with over 20 years’ experience including PepsiCo and the CEC Restaurant Group

Robert Seiple - COO, Chief Operating Officer.

Entrepreneur and experienced executive leading operations and sales for major industrial conglomerations

Sagar Kogekar - CTO, Chief Technology Officer.

Experienced applications and UI/UX designer and developer with more than 15 years of experience developing e-Commerce and cloud-based solutions

Pulkeshi Jape - Strategic Advisor.

Experienced technologist with a track record of success leveraging technology to meet business objectives

Chris Kalis - General Counsel.

Experienced attorney with over 30 years experienced in business start-ups, and other business areas of law